Liberty Companies adheres to an investment strategy founded on conservative underwriting and value-added approaches. Traditionally, the company has targeted corporate surplus and under-performing commercial properties that offer favorable return potential following redevelopment and/or repositioning. However, in the current market condition, Liberty is also targeting high quality properties that are underperforming with significant vacancies and/or have been lender foreclosed. Acquisition targets are planned to achieve results within a time horizon of 3-5 years for development and lease up and an exit 2-3 years later.

While Liberty has acquired and maintains management of properties in many areas of the U.S., its primary market is the Northeast. Historically, our acquisitions have ranged from as small as 45,000 square feet up to one million square feet, with the average size at approximately 400,000 square feet. Our acquisitions are typically financed with 30-35 percent equity and 65-70 percent debt. We work with our strong broker and corporate relationships to identify likely acquisition targets.

Our thorough knowledge of the New England markets, particularly in Central Massachusetts, Metropolitan Boston, and adjoining states, has enabled us to identify acquisition targets early and react quickly when opportunities present themselves. Each year, we evaluate hundreds of properties for investment potential, including size, quality, location, and current market indicators. We establish the risk and return potential, and evaluate the seriousness and circumstances of the seller to identify opportunities that offer the right blend of challenge and reward.